Environmental Radiation Protection

Speakers: Dr. Fernando Piedade Carvalho, Dr. Olga Belyaeva

Course aim to develop students' knowledge about natural and artificial radioactivity, application of radioactive materials and environmental consequences of such applications, principals of radiation protection, to familiarize students with the analytical methods and equipment that applied in environmental radiological monitoring, to develop skills of human dose and dose rate estimation. Students would get familiar with modern methods and equipment that applied in radiation identification and measurement, international convention and treaties related to radiation protection as well as environmental consequences of application of technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM) and artificial radionuclides.

Presentation - Dr. Fernando Piedade Carvalho
Presentation - Dr. Olga Belyaeva

Lesson video - Dr. Fernando Piedade Carvalho
Lesson video - Dr. Olga Belyaeva