Urban ecology

Speaker: Dr. Gayane Nersisyan

The continuous urban development associated with the growth of the world population has become one of the most important challenges of the present time. Trends in growing urbanization show that cities are becoming more complex and heterogeneous social-ecological systems with growing demand for natural resources mainly for infrastructure, housing, food, water, and energy. Cities produce 75% of the carbon dioxide we emit into the atmosphere. In this context, urban ecology is focusing on the role of the urban infrastructure to deliver the ecosystem services necessary to city-dwellers.

Urban ecology course is designed for students aiming to develop a science-based ecological perception, acquiring comprehensive knowledge in building an environmentally friendly habitat, gaining relevant decision-making skills. Key issues to be addressed include the status of urban geo-sociosystem and forecasting the ways of its development as a whole, interaction of its components, the influence of urban environment on adjacent sites and their ecosystems.

The goal of this course is to provide the participants with current and practical knowledge on urban ecology, including ecological and social aspects. It aims at providing an integrated approach on urban socio-ecological systems.


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